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About Sports

About Sports

Our sports programme is designed to promote, enhance, and nurture sporting excellence while producing well-rounded student-athletes. We strongly believe that the difference in sports performance is determined by what you do and how many hours you spent in training and this is where hard work beats talent.

We offer athletics (track and field), football (soccer), rugby, swimming, and tennis in an environment that caters to both fun and high performance. The training schedules are customized for different ages (3 years to 18 years) for beginner to advanced level.

Our Philosophy

To provide a coaching, conditioning and education program to improve performance of elite student athletes to their optimum


To bring out the full potential of our student-athletes.


  • Professionalism – We are qualified, skilled, and committed.
  • Respect – We treat others the way we wish to be treated.
  • Integrity – We act in a fair, consistent, and transparent manner.
  • Dedication – We are driven by commitment.
  • Excellence –We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards.

Upon joining the academy, the student-athlete is introduced to the full spectrum of athletic disciplines where he/she is expected to develop and begin to specialize in the event group for which they show the greatest potential.

Our soccer program addresses tactical and technical aspects of the game and develops student-athletes who are fit, quick, strong, skilled and confident. The teams participate in local leagues sanctioned by the football federation.

We offer a high-performance pathway to players and teams to become top rugby achievers with access to the highest level of international rugby coaching and specialized rugby mentors in a one-to-one environment.

Our training is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each student targeting key aspects of player development, addressing not only the physical elements of training but delving deeper to facilitate growth of the student-athlete on all levels.

Our one-one results-focused and group lessons for beginners to advanced swimmers ensure that we teach water skills for life usable in any competitive environment.

We strive to keep you safe
We've resumed our training activities in line with WHO Guidelines.
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